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Gretchan Pyne

Gretchan started her younger life as a hairdresser and a mother of three children. When her youngest child “Lulu”, was born, she sold her shop and left her ego out the door to stay home and raise her children. Lulu was four years old when she died in a sudden tragic accident. Gretchan began writing every amazing memory of Lulu down so that she would never forget the moments that they shared. What she didn’t realize at the time was that Lulu’s stories would become heartfelt children’s books that taught her valuable and empowering life lessons.

Two years after Lulu’s death, “Lulu’s Rose Colored Glasses” was born; Gretchan knew that the message in the little Lulu book was a gift straight from Lulu. “Momma it’s time to find your Rose Colored Glasses”. …”and if I can find my Rose Colored Glasses, I can darn sure help others find theirs too!”

Gretchan literally hit the streets from door to door, store to store, shipping books and Lulu care packages to newspapers, radio, television stations and magazines, her gift of passion was born and “Lulu’s Rose Colored Glasses” marked the beginning of her amazing new journey. From Good Morning America, The Ladies Home Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, WBZ radio, Fox News and many, may more. She is now the author of nine children’s books; all about Lulu and her amazing life lessons.

That however was just the beginning. ”Gretchan is the founder and C.E.O of The Lulu Foundation; she is the owner of Lulubelle Books; A Lulu scholarship fund is in place; She is director of Child Super Hero’s and the muse to the C.E.O at Gifts to Give. She holds bereavement support groups in “Lulu’s House of Hope”. She is a member of the Adversity to Advocacy Foundation.

One night Gretchan had a dream, there was a message from Lulu and when she awoke she knew she had to literally “Dream, Believe and Do!” and that is just what she did! Gretchan is the creator of project “Dream, Believe and Do!” designed to empower at risk youth through inner city schools; She is the co-creator of the documentary, “Dream, Believe and Do!”, empowering people through the arts, empathy, teaming and giving.
“If I can “Dream, Believe and Do!” then I can darn sure help others do that too!”

Gretchan is currently creating the “I AM THE RAINBOW” animations and completing her memoir entitled. “Dream, Believe and Do!”…shining through the darkness!”

Gretchan speaks right from the heart, “It’s the only place I can speak from…my love and courage lives there!” “It is my purpose and passion to encourage dreams, empower hearts and inspire action.” Gretchan knows it is her mission to share Lulu’s energy of love and courage and her amazing views of the world around her.

“We all have had pain... you can’t escape that… it’s what you do with the pain that matters the most!”

Topics include:

Living Courageously
Shining Through the Darkness
Dream, Believe and Do!
Becoming a Warrior Princess
Finding Your Rose Colored Glasses
Listen to your Spirit… It’s smarter than you are!
Fighting the Good Fight
Moments of Grace
Love doesn’t Die!
Finding your giggle again!
Listen to your Hair Dresser!
Signs, signs every where a sign!

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